Property Acquisition & Divestment
Services (A&D)

Miocene assists its clients with oil and gas property acquisition and divestment services. We evaluate properties and create a comprehensive engineering, geological, and financial work product for use in either acquiring oil and gas properties or to help our client’s market and divest of properties.

  • The acquisition information prepared assist our clients in quickly screening to determine whether the property fits their business plan and meets their financial metrics threshold. If it meets their criteria, we proceed with a full potential purchase price evaluation to acquire the property. We also support our clients in conducting due diligence through the acquisition process and final purchase.
  • We support our clients in onboarding the properties and then assist in Asset Development and Planning, as well as planning and executing new Drilling, Workover, and Operating Services as needed.
  • For property divestment we prepare a work product of engineering, geological, and financial analysis the client can use to market and ultimately divest of the property to achieve maximum value. We can support the sales process to any level our clients desire.