Asset Development Planning

Miocene provides asset development planning services to help our clients understand the value of existing properties they own, and plan for future development of its assets. Asset development planning includes recommendations to maintain and enhance our client’s current base production, identify asset growth opportunities and strategies, and appraise future resource opportunities within their existing property portfolio.

These services include:

  • Asset economic evaluation of existing base production.
  • Reservoir type curves for expected performance based on offset or area wide analogs.
  • Development and depletion plans for future operations and analysis to maximize value.
  • Future capital schedules and expense budgets for optimized asset development plans.
  • Integrated proforma analysis of capital and operating cost with reservoir and well performance evaluation to guide development decision processes and enhance value for our clients.
  • Well testing with pressure transient and inflow performance analysis to understand well and reservoir performance and opportunities to improve present and future reservoir performance.