Drilling, Completion, and Workover Services

Miocene provides comprehensive drilling, completion, and workover services, from project inception to oil and gas flowing to sales. We provide well design, cost estimation and Authority for Expenditure preparation for our clients, including the solicitation and evaluation of bids for rig and ancillary materials and services. Miocene assists its clients with the preparation and submittal of permit applications to local, State, and Federal regulatory agencies. Finally, Miocene provides our clients with the well history and reporting documentation required by all regulatory permits.

  • Design, engineering, permitting, planning, and execution for drilling.
  • Completing new wells and for workover programs to recover or enhance well production or injection performance.

Since its inception in 2015, Miocene has drilled, completed, or conducted workovers operations on over 250 wells. The well types ranged from shallow heavy oil production and injection wells, medium depth light oil wells (<10,000’), and very deep oil and gas wells (>15,000’). Workovers operations have included sidetracking and installation new casing and completions in wells were the operator has experienced downhole issues requiring a new well bore.