Enhanced Oil Recovery & CO2 Sequestration

Miocene provides our clients with expert advice on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects. We can help our clients design and implement EOR projects with a variety of injectants (steam, water, or gas). Miocene evaluates the vertical and areal conformance of injected fluids and can recommend procedures to insure injected fluid conformance for maximum contact with remaining oil-in-place. Miocene prepares well and pattern surveillance programs to insure optimum performance of any EOR processes, including recommendations on fluid injection rates and withdrawal rates.

  • Design and optimization for waterfloods, miscible and immiscible gas injection, enhanced salinity injection, and steamfloods.
  • Water quality and steam quality measurement and distribution/splitting systems.
  • Miocene has experience in CO2 injection (miscible fluid) for EOR and for CO2 sequestration.