Production Engineering Services

Miocene assists our clients with the evaluation of production engineering performance from existing and new wells from inflow analysis and well testing. We can evaluate, design, recommend, and source artificial lift equipment to increase oil and gas production; sucker rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps, electrical submersible pumps, hydraulic jet pumps, plunger lift systems, and gas lift systems. In addition, we can evaluate and recommend solutions for excessive water production, excessive sand production, and treatment of damaging scale, corrosion, paraffin, or asphaltenes. Miocene assists clients with identifying bottle necks in surface gathering lines and process equipment and recommends solutions to reduce back pressure and flow constraints.

  • Experienced with designing and implementing complex workover intervention strategies and implementation for downhole well repairs and wellbore integrity.
  • Inflow analysis, artificial lift design, selection and optimization, production enhancement, water shutoff, sand control, chemical treatment solutions for scale, corrosion, paraffin, and asphaltenes.
  • Well testing and evaluation services, including two phase and three phase well test recommendations and reservoir evaluation testing including pressure build up and pressure draw down testing, multiple-rate flow testing, well interference testing, and pressure analysis in injection wells (step rate testing and pressure fall-off analysis).
  • Stimulation and skin damage removal for increased production rates.
  • Evaluation and resolution of production constraints from surface piping and equipment.