Alan E. White, PE President, CEO and CFO of Miocene Engineering and CFO of Miocene Operating Services

Mr. White is a Petroleum Engineer with 35 years’ experience in executive management, drilling, completions, well servicing, production operations, property acquisition and disposition, reservoir engineering and reserves reporting, and reservoir characterization/development planning.  Areas worked by Mr. White include the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas), West Coast (Utah, California - onshore and offshore, and Oregon); and the Middle East (Oman, UAE, offshore Qatar).   Reservoirs ranging from dry gas, sour gas, high pressure and temperature, steam floods, water floods, ASP floods, miscible and immiscible gas injection, and primary depletion.

Prior to founding Miocene Engineering Services, Inc., Mr. White served in senior management roles with Occidental Oil and Gas Company.  These roles included Director of Middle East Major Projects, President and General Manager of Vintage Production California, and Operations Manager for Oxy Elk Hills.

Mr. White is a registered Professional Petroleum Engineer in California (P1747) and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.

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Robyn D. White, CEO Miocene Operating Services and Secretary, Miocene Engineering Services

Ms. White serves as the CEO for Miocene Operating Services and the Corporate Secretary for Miocene Engineering Services. Ms. White has over 30 years’ management experience in retail operations including operations, business development, financial management and human resources. In her role as CEO for Miocene Operating, she guided the legal structure and business strategy for both Miocene Engineering and Miocene Operating Services. Ms. White established and executes all contracting, accounting, tax, banking, insurance, business permitting, and financial reporting. In addition, she manages the vendor and subcontractor schedules, customer relations, community outreach and daily operations. Ms. White served for 5 years on the California Employer Advisory Council and was a certified Professional in Human Resources from the Society for Human Resource Management. Ms. White graduated from the Human Resources Management Program for California State University, Bakersfield.

Paul J. White, Development & Operations, Associate

Mr. White has served as an Executive, on Board of Directors, and in Senior Management roles for large, mid, and small cap oil and gas companies. He has successfully worked a wide range of oil and gas projects across ten states, fourteen basins, and in South Asia. Mr. White has been responsible for drilling, completions, reserves engineering and reporting, grass roots facility and mid-stream projects, property acquisitions, capital formation, reservoir characterization and development design, overall operations execution, and SEC filings. Mr. White manages Miocene's Denver office.

Prior to joining Miocene, Mr. White served as Vice president for Bill Barrett Corporation, Senior Management roles for WPX Energy’s Williston Basin, and Piceance Basin Teams. Mr. White was also employed by Hilcorp Energy, Occidental Petroleum, and WRT Energy in a variety of Operations, Engineering, Production, and Leadership roles of increasing responsibility. Mr. White has a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.


Theodore “Tor” Steinke – Senior Geologist, Associate

Mr. Steinke has over 20 years of experience in exploration and field development with a primary focus in the US Gulf Coast region. Over his career, Mr. Steinke has developed an effective and efficient system for evaluating large volumes of 3D seismic data.  His ability to integrate both log correlations and seismic interpretation results in finding potential for hydrocarbon in areas where many people have looked and overlooked.  Tor has evaluated over 2,500 square miles of Gulf Coast 3D seismic in his work with Texaco and major mineral owners.  In these roles, he has discovered 1.7 MMBO and 72 BCF so far with a 67% career success rate.  A discovery of note was the Bayou Postillion Field discovery well.  The Field has produced over 65 BCF to date from 6 wells.  The discovery was featured in the April 2007 Oil and Gas Investor in an article entitled “South Louisiana Rally.”  Mr. Steinke started his career as a Geoscientist with Texaco in New Orleans and later worked at geologic consulting firm Resource Solutions, LLC in Denver.  Mr. Steinke has a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of South Carolina and a Masters in Geological Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin.  Mr. Steinke is a registered Professional Geologist with the State of Louisiana.

Mr. Steinke has worked with Miocene since 2016 and has focused on generating new prospects in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Francisco Molina, Facilities Engineering and Construction Manager, Associate

Mr. Molina is a civil engineer with over 20 years of international and domestic oil and gas industry experience in design and management of engineering and construction projects.

Mr. Molina has managed upstream projects (oil dehydration, gas treatment and waste/produced water treatment and disposal); and midstream projects (DOT pipelines, water lines, compression and pumping stations) with multinational companies such as Conoco, Occidental Petroleum, Repsol and numerous smaller companies. He is versed in construction codes and regulations that governs any industrial construction project including, but not limited to, ACI, API, ASME, and the Federal Code of Regulations.

Mr. Molina served as the Facility Engineering and Construction Manager for Vintage Production California (Oxy subsidiary) where he managed a budget of $160MM per year in facility projects. Prior to this role, he served as the Team Leader for Facilities Engineering and Construction at Oxy Elk Hills. In these roles, as well as prior jobs in the same capacity with Conoco, Oxy, and Repsol in South America, Mr. Molina managed engineering design and scheduling; procurement; bid preparation and evaluation; construction management and supervision activities for exploration and development projects. These assignments included job sites in sensitive environmental regions such as the Amazon Basin Rain Forest and California.

Mr. Molina joined Miocene in 2016 as is serving as the Engineering Advisor on our project for ERG Resources in the Cat Canyon Field, Santa Barbara County, California. Mr. Molina has focused his efforts on improving the quality of the soft water used to generate steam. Projects have included designing and installing internal tank systems to improve produced water clarity, filtration system and water softening system upgrades, and improved performance of once through steam generators.

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Jack J. Cook, Senior Engineer, Associate

Mr. Cook has over 50 years’ experience as Petroleum Engineer in California.  For the last 8 years Mr. Cook owned and operated Jack J. Cook Petroleum Consulting in Bakersfield, California.  Miocene Engineering Services, Inc. acquired Jack’s business in 2015.  Mr. Cook has also served as the Drilling Manager for Berry Petroleum, the Vice President and Manager for Watson Drilling and Production Engineering, and as Engineer for Argo Petroleum Corporation, THUMS Long Beach Company, and Chevron.  Mr. Cook earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology for California State University at Long Beach.


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Danielle Sheffield, Senior Engineer, Associate

Ms. Sheffield is a Petroleum Engineer from Colorado School of Mines and has over 10 years’ experience in production engineering and production enhancement.  Prior to working with Miocene, Danielle served as the Production Engineer for E&B Natural Resources on complex, mature waterflood assets in the Los Angeles Basin region of California.  The assets included over 140 injection and production wells in the Torrance, Long Beach, and Wilmington Fields.  Additionally, the operations are in urban and coastal environments, increasing community and regulatory oversight of production operations.  Her duties included: production and injection well surveillance, well maintenance and repair, well workovers, artificial lift design and optimization, and regulatory compliance.

Prior to E&B Natural Resources, Ms. Sheffield worked as a Production Enhancement Specialist and an Operations and Field Engineer for Halliburton and CUDD Energy Services in the Rocky Mountain region.  Her job was to design, execute, and perform post-job analysis on hydraulic fracturing and acidizing well stimulation programs.  Ms. Sheffield is proficient in OpenWells, Profile, Oil Field Manager, RodStar, Merak PEEP, FracPro, Orpheus, Orion, PT, and IFS for well management, artificial lift, economics, and stimulation design and analysis software systems. 

Ms. Sheffield joined Miocene Engineering Services and Miocene Operating Services in 2018, providing engineering support as needed.

Amanda Ream, Senior Engineering Technician, Associate

Ms. Ream is an engineering technician with over thirty years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. She began her career with a Bakersfield law firm working on corporate sales, mergers, and taxation matters. The legal experience gained provided the opportunity for transition into
the land department at ARCO Oil & Gas Company working on lease documents, sale bid packages, and closing documentation. Working with other departments over the next four years broadened her skills and she moved into the engineering department where she stayed until the sale of ARCO in 1998. She provided technical support for heavy and light oil onshore/offshore reservoir engineering and surveillance, production and facility engineering, and geology. Her duties included management of databases, monthly production and injection reports, preparation of wellbore schematics, and cost analysis. In addition, Ms. Ream handled all regulatory permitting and reporting including, coordinating and supervising UIC permits and surveys and
preparation of DOGGR/BLM permits and well histories. Shortly after transitioning through the ARCO sale, Ms. Ream began her consulting career, working for various oil companies based in California, Colorado, and Texas, working onsite in support of drilling activities.

Ms. Ream joined Miocene Engineering Services and Miocene Operating Services in 2015 and serves as the company’s Senior Engineering Technician and assists with bookkeeping and administrative duties.

Tracy Haines, Senior Engineering Technician, Associate

Ms. Haines has worked with many leading engineers, geologists and petroleum industry educators for over 20 years as a Senior Engineering Technician. Projects that she has worked on, have spanned North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Working on upstream oil and gas projects for Norwest Questa Engineering, Tracy was involved with providing technical support for reservoir characterization, 3D geomodeling, improved oil recovery, CBM, high-pressure air injection (HPAI), reservoir simulation and carbon dioxide sequestration in depleted oil and gas reservoirs. While employed at WPX Energy as they began operating their North Dakota asset, Tracy was responsible for managing the asset's production database, training and supporting office and field personnel in the use of the database 24/7, providing data and analysis to various departments including, management, production engineering, accounting, regulatory, measurement and field personnel. When the WPX Energy's Denver office moved to Oklahoma, Tracy was asked to join Bill Barret Corp's production department as their Senior Engineering Technician. During her tenure with BBC, Tracy was able to work on providing accurate production data and developing automation to tie production data to the data processed by Reserves, Accounting and Regulatory, as well as provide upper management with visual reporting to present to the BOD. Tracy has recently worked with Anadarko Petroleum Corp analyzing production reporting practices in an effort to streamline processing requirements.

Ms. Haines joined Miocene Engineering Services and Miocene Operating Services in 2016 providing engineering support as needed.

Terry Hudson photo.jpg

Terry Hudson, Well Site Manager, Associate

Mr. Hudson is a drilling/workover wellsite supervisor with over forty years of domestic and international drilling and workover project experience. Mr. Hudson began his career with Toiyabe Oil Company in Nevada for 10 years as a driller and then the rig supervisor. Next, he spent the following 10 years as a rig supervisor for California Production Service in Bakersfield, California.

Mr. Hudson spent the next 8 years as the drill ship manager for BP in Indonesia and Director of Operations for Wright Drilling Development and Exploration LTD. When Oxy acquired the Elk Hills Field in Kern County, California, Mr. Hudson served the next 14 years as drilling, completions, and workover supervisor. In 2015 he moved to Hess in North Dakota as a completions supervisor.

Mr. Hudson joined Miocene Engineering and Miocene Operating Services in 2016 and has served as the well repair and workover supervisor for our project for EGR Resources in the Cat Canyon Field, Santa Barbara County, California.

Mr. Hudson is a veteran of the Vietnam war where he flew the F4 Phantom II fighter jet on over 300 successful missions.


Richard A Banks, Field Manager, Associate

Mr. Banks is an experienced production superintendent with 10 plus years’ experience in oil and gas operations. Mr. Banks started his career at Berry Petroleum, Placerita Canyon Field as an I&E technician. After graduating from Santa Barbara City College in the Marine Diving Tech program, Mr. Banks worked in Louisiana as a deep sea commercial diver for Epic Divers and Marin. He built offshore platforms, installed underwater pipelines, and performed BOP maintenance.

Mr. Banks returned to California as production foreman for Riverwood Energy. Next, Mr. Banks started, Banks Energy, running existing oil and gas operations and developing new assets. From there, he was recruited as an Operations Superintendent for Golden Gate Oil and Amrich Energy in charge of all field operations in Santa Barbara County. Mr. Banks was responsible for all day to day operations including health and safety, regulatory permitting and compliance, production reports, oil shipments, facility operations, and cost control.

Mr. Banks has extensive downhole experience in drilling, re-entries, re-completions, production enhancement, well optimization, and well servicing and operational experience in Santa Maria heavy crude oil as well as Kern County lighter crude oil and natural gas. During the past five years while working in the Santa Maria Basin Mr. Banks has designed, permitted, and built five grass root facilities and support infrastructure such as pipelines, and high and medium voltage power infrastructure.